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from FictionZeal.com re: The Girl in the Glass (McCabe & Savage) by James Hayman

The Girl in the Glass: A McCabe and Savage Thriller (McCabe and Savage Thrillers) - James Hayman

Bizarre – in a good way!   104 years after Aimee Garnier Whitby had been brutally left to die, her great great granddaughter, Veronica Aimée Whitby, was left to die in the same manner –  a deep cut just above her navel and the letter ‘A’ carved in her chest.

Aimée Garnier Whitby – 1904 – Not afraid to live in a man’s world.  She pursued her love of art, taking classes that at that time were strictly for men.  That’s where she met her lover, Mark Garrison.  Did her husband know?

Veronica Aimée Whitby – 2012 – It was her eighteenth birthday and her father was unveiling the portrait of Aimee Garnier Whitby … a painting that he paid dearly for … a painting by her lover.  Veronica Aimée Whitby decided to surprise, or hopefully shock, everyone present as she descended the stairs dressed as Aimée Garnier Whitby.  It worked.  It also distanced her sister from her for taking, almost demanding, all of the attention in the room.

In the way that Mark Zusak, author of The Book Thief, foretold future happenings, this author used that same tactic in his writing style suggesting to the reader what was coming.  When this tactic is used, it makes me alert and I pay more attention.  The author unveiled this story one delectable piece at a time interweaving the two Aimée’sMcCabe and Savage are believable and likable characters as they investigate the murder of Veronica Aimée Whitby and there is no shortage of suspects.  This is the fourth in their series and can be read as a stand-alone.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.