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from FictionZeal.com re: Devoted in Death (In Death #41) by J.D. Robb

Devoted in Death - J.D. Robb

We start with Ella-Loo and her boyfriend, Darryl.  Part of the first chapter serves as a prologue for this couple.  Their culture is more like trailer trash and they’re on their way to New York from Oklahoma where Darryl served his term and was just released from the prison system.  In an effort to only take someone else’s car when their truck broke down on the highway, they end up killing the Good Samaritan who stopped to help them.  After, she turned to Darryl, “her face lit like the sun, her eyes huge, full of wonder and want.  ‘We killed somebody.  Together.’”  As if to commemorate their love for each other, they continue ‘killing’ together leaving their MO – a heart shape carved into the victim’s skin with their initials, E and D.

The year is now 2061 and Lt. Eve Dallas is called to investigate the murder of Dorian Kuper.  They soon discover that Dorian is not a solitary instance.  They have a serial killer on their hands; a killer who likes to torture their victims.

I love this series, but sadly, I’m not that in love with this one.  Killing grew to a status of foreplay for this couple, and I felt it was just a bit much.  The writing did not pull me in.  The dialogue was not as snappy.  There are a few regular characters that did not make an appearance or showed for a very small appearance.  I will still look forward to additional novels in the series in hopes that this is just an anomaly for this wonderful author.  Rating: 2.5 out of 5.