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from FictionZeal.com re: Hard Fall (Thomas Blume Hard-Boiled Mystery) by P.T. Reade

Hard Fall: A gripping, noir detective thriller (Book 1 - Thomas Blume series of Hard-Boiled Mysteries) (Hard Boiled Detective Fiction, Hard Boiled Thriller) - P.T. Reade

Thomas Blume is a shell of a man who has had to deal with the loss of his wife and young son.  He’s a former NY cop now living in London where the crime took place.  He is hoping someday to avenge their deaths.  Some days, if he can stay away from the booze, it’s all he can still think about.  But, he needs money and so he has to work.  So he takes various jobs, most of which deal with proving illicit affairs for their spouses.  He hates it.  The last man he worked for actually committed suicide after Blume provided him with pictures of his wife in bed with someone else.

Amir, his landlord, keeps trying to talk him out of finding his family’s killer, and instead, do something worthwhile for the land of the living.  Blume managed to find just that — A woman whose son went missing.  Of course, he can understand her pain.  Before he even interviewed her, he began pulling information for the case and he checked with the former police officer who worked it.  Now he’s on a roll … a roll that can get him killed if he’s not careful.

I loved the character of Thomas Blume.  Even though the pain of losing his family is still great for him, he pushes on.  Sometimes it still takes booze to get him through the day.  But, he gets up the next morning and pushes on.  This has been described as a noir detective thriller and hard-boiled.  Even though I like some of those stories, I usually find them too depressing to truly enjoy them.  But, I didn’t feel that kind of depression while reading Hard Fall.  I loved every moment of it.  Slow Burn and Red Hunt are the 2nd and 3rd books in the Thomas Blume series.  Both released May 2015.  My advice, though, is to read this series in order.  Hard Fall was a story complete in itself, but the author delivered a WOW bomb in the epilogue.  If you read them out of order, it will spoil that WOW factor for you.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.