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from FictionZeal.com re: The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

The Sparrow Sisters: A Novel - Ellen Herrick

What you don’t know about another person is often more important than what you do know.  The new doctor, Henry Carlyle, had secrets.  In a small town like Granite Point, the community started gathering stories, some true some not.  The Sparrow sisters, even though they’ve lived there all their lives, heralded a bit of mystery as well.  Most wondered why none of them had ever married.  They’d had some tragedy in their lives.  Their mother died when young Impatience (Patience) was born.  Their father took to himself, leaving the twin older girls to raise the two younger ones.  Then one of the twins had been diagnosed with cancer and could not be saved.  They had little tolerance for doctors.  But, Patience found something very intriguing about this new doctor.  He felt the attraction too, but he didn’t move to Granite Point to get involved with anyone, much less a romance.

Patience found that she could make many remedies from their lush garden.  Many of the townspeople looked to her for healing.  Even Henry became very interested in what she actually does.  It all seemed fairly benign.  That is until the day that an autistic child dies after having received one of her remedies.  How quickly people can turn.

Uniquely crafted, these characters will pull your heartstrings.  This is a very cozy and comfortable ‘stay-in-your-pjs’ day read.  It’s hard to believe this is Ellen Herrick’s debut novel.  She certainly has a magic of her own in writing very descriptive and beautiful scenes.  The novel is well balanced with character detail, dialogue, and narrative.  The ending just may suggest a series, and if so, I would like to visit the Sparrow sisters once again.  Rating: 4 out of 5.