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from FictionZeal.com re: Pane and Suffering (Webb's Glass Shop Mystery) by Cheryl Hollon

Pane and Suffering - Cheryl Hollon

John Webb died of a heart attack.  Coincidentally, Hugh Trevor, who was supposed to take over her dad’s glass design classes, was found dead of a heart attack several days later.  For Savannah, that’s too much of a coincidence to actually be a coincidence.  She’s still grieving for her father and taking care of his affairs when she uncovers a note to her written in her father’s hand.  “Savannah, if you find this, I’ve been murdered and you are in danger.”  She talked with the police, who didn’t seem to get the connection.  This leaves Savannah to do her own poking around.  Who can she trust?  Edward Morris who owns the Queen’s Head Pub, and was a friend of her father, offers her a shoulder to lean on.  There were a couple of people trying to buy her father’s business.  Savannah was considering until she realized their intentions were purely money and/or to tear it down.

She begins working on her father’s project for the church with his assistant, Jacob.  The pieces were unique, expensive, and very beautiful.  But as she continues looking at the many and various suspects, can she get to the bottom of it without having some ‘coincidental’ heart attack herself?

This is a cozy mystery that held my attention from beginning to end.  The ending wrapped up nicely with no nagging questions.  The characters were all well-defined with a nice dialogue that helped move the story along.  I liked the addition of the pets in the story.  Most dog lovers would appreciate it as well.  I think it’s a very nice debut series and would love to continue with the second one.  Rating: 4 out of 5.