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from FictionZeal.com re: Tenacity (Lieutenant Danielle Lewis #1) by J.S. Law

Tenacity - J. S. Law

Did Stewart Walker hang himself onboard the HMS Tenacity or was it just planned to look that way?  When Walker had been on duty a few days before, his wife, Cheryl, had been beaten, raped, and murdered.  They had two kids – ages seven and three.  If she’d live, they would soon have had three.  Now the children are left to be raised by relatives and Special Investigator Danielle (Dan) Lewis, now assigned to the Special Investigation Branch’s Kill Team, has been called to investigate.

Dan has had a chilling past.  Per the prologue, in 2010, she’d single-handedly faced a serial killer.  She lost a few battles with him but ultimately won the war.  But the experience still haunts her.  There is much about Cheryl’s death that reminds her of that past.

The premise was great and the author created a high level of curiosity within the reader.  I’ve never been aboard a submarine, but with the author’s vivid description, I felt claustrophobic.  I also felt Dan’s uneasiness as she was the only female onboard.  However, she had a job to do and she was going to push through and do just that.  Logistically, the story didn’t always flow smoothly for me.  Part of a struggle between Dan and ‘the bad guy’ toward the end was confusing if not logistically problematic.  And, there was a bit of a hanging end … one of my pet peeves.  Dan Lewis was portrayed as strong and capable.  Still, I think she pushes the boundaries a little too far.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5.