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from FictionZeal.com re: Guilt by Association (Rachel Knight #1) by Marcia Clark

Guilt by Association - Marcia Clark

I was falling in love with the personalities of Rachel Knight and her team, Toni, and Jake Pahlmeyer, when shortly thereafter Jake was found dead in a sleazy motel together with seventeen-year-old Kit Chalmers, a kid raised in the foster care system.  Jake had kept his personal life to himself, yet Rachel doubted the overwhelming evidence piling up that Jake had been involved with a minor.  Investigating Jake’s death is ‘supposed to be’ off limits to Rachel as it would be a conflict of interest … but, so much for technicalities.  Whenever she got a break from her new case, a case Jake had been working on, she’d secretly get involved in Jake’s investigation.

Her new case was the rape of Susan Densmore, fifteen, whose father was an influential pediatrician and insisted that the DA’s office provide daily updates.  He even claimed he knew who the rapist is – the boy, Luis, which Susan had been tutoring.  ‘Daddy’ Densmore was getting frustrated with the additional time to investigate.  ‘“Do your job,” he said dismissively, then continued, “but please don’t waste a lot of time looking around.  It’s very clear who did it, and I don’t like having it dragged out.”’

The dual storyline worked very well in this novel.  I was most curious about both and how they came together.  I loved Rachel’s personality.  She didn’t take any guff and had some nice wisecracks throughout.  She was close to Toni, her other co-worker, and to Bailey Keller, a detective in the Major Crimes Division of LAPD.  They were both instrumental in digging up evidence and in conducting interviews.  This is told in first-person by our protagonist, Rachel Knight, DA for Special Trials in the Criminal Courts building of Los Angeles.  I enjoyed meeting her and would very much enjoy catching up with the rest of this series.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.