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from FictionZeal.com re: Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

Secret Sisters - Jayne Ann Krentz

When is it time to reveal a secret?  When the secret comes back to haunt you.  Madeline had been the girl, who at the tender age of twelve, was taken to the maintenance shed and nearly raped.  Her friend and secret sister, Daphne, quickly found Maddie’s grandmother.  Both the grandmother and Tom Lomax, the B&B’s caretaker, came together to brutally attack the man who’d signed in as Porter.  He’d had big some secrets of his own in a briefcase.  Edith, the grandmother, referred to it as ‘insurance’ and hid the insurance in a wall.  They buried Porter and topped the grave with cement and a nice gazebo.  Only five people, including Daphne’s mother knew of the horrible incident.  No one was to ever utter a single word.

Maddie grows up into a successful young woman.  She’s kept an investigation team, headed up by Jack Rayner, in her employment.  She hasn’t seen Daphne in eighteen years since the incident at her grandmother’s B & B in the seaside town of Cooper Cove.  But death coincidences are becoming a pattern – first her beloved grandmother; then Tom.  Now it’s time to reveal the secret to Jack so he can do what he does best — keep her safe and find the murderer.

This whodunit was very much to my liking with some surprising twists.  Character development was awesome and the story line and pacing were phenomenal.  In my opinion, the author aced her skills in this fabulous read.  Madeline was a character I both liked and disliked.  I liked her strength and resourcefulness but didn’t always care for her no-nonsense dialogue and attitude.  However, considering her traumatic childhood experience, I found her personality entirely believable.  And yes, for those of you who like a little romance with your mystery, get ready to accept Jack Rayner as your next book boyfriend.  Rating: 5 out of 5.