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from FictionZeal.com re: The Christmas Bridge by Elyse Douglas

The Christmas Bridge: A First Love.  A Second Chance. - Elyse Douglas

Her husband, Carl Scott, had died a year before.  Olivia was still grieving her loneliness.  She had to take a trip to New York for business to attend an estate auction for her boss. 


When she had been in college in New York, she’d been in love with Andrew Allen.  Why not try to reconnect?  Would the sparks still be there?  After she sent the text message to him, she almost immediately regretted it.  Their affair had not ended on good terms.

It was the historic Bow Bridge where she’d met Andrew.  It was Bow Bridge that she visited first upon her arrival to New York.  It’s there she meets the famous Brett Baylor, an amazing baseball player.  Only, she doesn’t follow baseball, so she didn’t know who he was.  Her daughter, Emily, calls her the next morning, shocked that her picture with Brett has gone viral.  What’s going on?  Are you dating THE Brett Baylor?


I liked that this romance was not as predictable as most.  There are a couple of intriguing twists and turns in this novel that are not in most romances.  Her past – her choice between Andrew and Carl – brings a sadness to the story which I’d not expected.  The characters were well-defined but I didn’t find Olivia or Andrew to be entirely likable.  As it states in the book blurb, this is not Christian fiction.  It did have a few bad words and sex scenes.  However, the author did not detail the sex and it was not prominent to the story.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5.