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from FictionZeal.com re: Cruise by Suzanne Vermeer

Cruise - Suzanne Vermeer

This starts with a prologue that immediately presses the reader with a wealth of questions.  The story itself begins with Frank and Heleen van Rijnsburg who had been together for seventeen years and were still very much in love.  Or were they?  Heleen certainly thought so, and people who saw them together would agree.  Even the reader may get pulled into the farce as they see Frank surprise Heleen with a cruise to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary.  Fast forward to the cruise and things are going along very smoothly … until Frank just disappears one night from the ship.


This is a relatively short and fast suspenseful read.  Even when the reader finds out early that Frank is leading a double life and had planned his own death, the twists and turns are far from over.  With words, Susanne Vermeer paints a beautiful scene of the Mediterranean.  The character of Heleen is one that is in depth and the reader can relate to her even if they don’t totally like her.  The pacing starts out wonderfully; however, it begins to go lacking midway with leggy details that don’t actually pertain to the story.  Overall, I rated this at 3.5 out of 5.