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from FictionZeal.com re: What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

What She Knew: A Novel - Gilly MacMillan

Of course, no one wants to stifle their eight-year-old son from enjoying life; from exploring.  But, one misstep in a parent’s judgement can forever change a family’s life.  Rachel Jenner allowed Ben to run ahead – just a bit.  But by the time she reached the swings where they were supposed to reconnect, he was nowhere in sight.  Now she’s in a living nightmare.  The police are called.  Her ex-husband is contacted.  The search is on.  The media hounds are surrounding her with microphones and popping questions.  Eventually, people turn suspicious of Rachel.


This novel set in Bristol focuses primarily on Rachel’s thoughts, feelings, and agonies – she’s appealing to you, the reader.  It also sidelines into investigating detective Jim Clemo who is going through his own hell and details his appointments with the department psychologist.  It’s a different, but very effective method of showing us the character of these people.  The story is a very emotional psychological thriller right up there with The Girl on the Train.  If you like these kinds of thrillers, you most certainly will be riveted by this one.  It is an amazing debut by Gilly Macmillan.  There are plenty of suspects to keep the reader wondering and guessing.  Rating: 4 out of 5.