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from FictionZeal.com re: Coercion by Tim Tigner

Coercion - Tim Tigner

“Little Maya suddenly lifted her curly locks … to look up at him with a scared look on her angelic face.  She said, “Papa” …, trembled as though possessed, and then she died.”  The next on their target list was Leo’s son.  With anguish over the sudden death of his daughter, he gave them what they wanted – the passcode to vital top secret information.  But how did they get to his children?  Vasily Karpov, Russia’s KGB Head of Security, had the power to turn around Russia’s failed economy, save the country, and gain power for himself.  The plan involved forcing key people to convey valuable secrets and then use the acquired information to both steal and sabotage Western technology.  Who would choose to protect their country’s secrets when their family’s lives were on the line?


Alex Ferris, former CIA Operative and now an international PI, had recently lost his brother.  It was said that Frank committed suicide, but Alex knew his twin brother better than that.  Finding Frank’s killer involved traveling deep into Siberia and encountering what will surely be a most challenging and dangerous opposition.


What is real?  While some books demand that the reader suspend belief, this one will actually make you feel like you’re reading tomorrow’s headlines.  You will probably not like the antagonist, but you will feel like his character is real – real enough to hate.  It’s an intense novel and the reader never forgets this is personal for Alex.  On the other hand, toward the mid to end, the story relied a bit too much on ‘coincidence’.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5.