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from FictionZeal.com re: Before They Find Us by Michelle A. Hansen

Before They Find Us - Michelle A. Hansen

You read the prologue and set that part aside.  It will come back, but you have to wait for it.  Unlike some prologues, this one makes the reader intensely interested to know more.  The story begins with Rebecca (Beck) as our protagonist.  She’s seventeen and has already learned not to take any guff from anybody.  Her story suggests that she lived through a type of hell when she was only eleven.  Like the prologue, the author keeps you waiting for this one too.  Beck, living in Wyoming, begins receiving threatening text messages.  At first, she’s in denial.  Someone must have dialed a wrong number.  But the texts continue.  In parallel, her best friend, Ryan, going to school in Las Vegas, was being questioned by the police.  Someone had told them that Ryan was threatening to kill people at his school.


The next day, a bomb goes off at Ryan’s school leaving a few fatalities.  Beck is beside herself with worry.  Where is Ryan and is he safe?  He surprises her by arriving in Wyoming, but he needs to keep a low profile.  The police are looking for him.  In light of what they were asking him the day before, he’s their prime suspect.  She hides him up in their loft.  But, with police now poking around Beck’s house, they travel back to Las Vegas to do their own investigating.  They have to get to the bottom of this.

This is such an intriguing story geared toward YA readers.  The reader gets a feeling rather early in the book that the friendship between Ryan and Beck may just turn into something more.  Both characters are developed well and the reader really begins to care what happens to them.  I loved her loyalty to Ryan and I loved the dialogue between the two.  I did have an issue with believability, but even still, the story line and the mystery were enjoyable.  Rating: 4 out of 5.