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from FictionZeal.com re: The Lady's Command by Stephanie Laurens

The Lady's Command - Stephanie Laurens

It was attraction at first sight.  Both Captain Declan Frobisher and Lady Edwina Delbraith felt it.  They even loved each other’s families and the secrets that would soon be shared.  When Declan is called upon by the First Lord of the Admiralty to the British settlement in Freetown, West Africa to investigate a number of missing people, the last thing he expected would be to take Edwina with him.  She insisted; he refused.  Then, he had no choice once he found her showed on board the ship.  Now, Frobisher finds himself investigating the missing officer and trying to protect Edwina at the same time.


This is Stephanie Laurens first book in historical romance series, The Adventurers Quartet, set in 1824.  It’s a sweet romance between the two very likable main characters.  Because they are married at the outset of the story, it lacks the romantic tension that is common in many romance novels.  It’s a marriage like many others in which the two begin life’s journey learning the intricate details of each other.  The writing, however, invoked a little more ‘telling’ than ‘showing’.  Rating: 3 out of 5.