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from FictionZeal.com re: Winter at the Door (Lizzie Snow) by Sarah Graves

Winter at the Door: A Novel (Lizzie Snow) - Sarah Graves

This is the first book in the Lizzie Snow series, but Lizzie Snow is not a new character.  She had been first introduced in the 16th book of Sarah Graves Home Repair Is Homicide series, Bats in the Belfry.  Now she leaves the city of Boston to work for Cody Chevrier in law enforcement in Bearkill, Maine.  She agreed to the job at the recommendation of her former boyfriend, Dylan Hudson, in this desolate location because it’s the possible whereabouts of her niece, Nicky, who’d been abducted eight years ago.  Now, Nicky would be nine years old.  Lizzie’s sister, Cecily, died very mysteriously just before her daughter was taken.


No sooner than Lizzie settles in, she’s assigned to work on the suspicious deaths of four ex-cops.  Initially, they appeared to have been suicides.  She’s approached by a tattooed teen who wonders if she’d buy information from him.  She dismisses him at first, but then later gets to know him better.  Could he really know something that may be of assistance?

There were multiple directions in this one novel, making it a bit perplexing to follow.  As the story concludes, I can’t say that all of my questions were answered. So, clearly this appears to be a new series which will need to be read in order.  I liked the characters, especially the way Dylan seemed to be trying to make amends for the undoing of their past relationship.  Could they resolve their issues?  The winter scenes were depicted extremely well making it easy for the reader to envision.  Rating: 3 out of 5.