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from FictionZeal.com re: The Rain Sparrow (Honey Ridge #2) by Linda Goodnight

The Rain Sparrow (A Honey Ridge Novel) - Linda Goodnight

Staying at the Peach Orchard B&B in Honey Ridge, TN, Hayden Winters, a thriller writer, is getting ready to begin working on his newest book.  When he meets Carrie Riley, he introduces himself, “I kill people.”  Immediately, she began to back away.  He quickly adds that he is a writer and kills people on the pages of his novels.  Once he told her his name, she immediately remembered his books from the library where she works.  But, there’s a lot she won’t know about Hayden Winters.  For one thing, it’s not his real name.  It’s not even his pen name.  It’s a name he’s given himself so people will never, ever connect him with his past.


The night adds to the mystery with intensive thunder and lightning.  Hayden notices some movement on the porch.  When he checks it out, he realizes it’s just a boy, drenched from the rain.  Both Hayden and Carrie work to get him dry and fed.  They begin to put it together that the boy is not lost as he claimed.  He doesn’t want to go home.  But, there’s much more going on with these three lives.  They knew each other differently many years ago … back in 1867.  Hayden begins dreaming about himself as Thaddeus, a Yankee after the Civil War.


This is a book about the secrets we are afraid to face, and the secrets we keep from one another.  It’s also a book about the character’s present lives mingled with their past lives, and those unresolved conflicts.  Finally, it’s a sweet romance budding between Hayden and Carrie.  The way the book flowed into 1867 from the present was a bit disorderly and confusing.  There was no header to suggest the change.  The author developed strong, likable characters that the reader comes to care about.  We want them to find ‘happily ever after’.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5.