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from FictionZeal.com re: The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich

The Total Package: A Novel: 3 - Stephanie Evanovich

Tyson Palmer was a college football star with a million dollar arm.  Well, more exactly, he WAS a football star before he became addicted to alcohol and pain killers and suspended from his team.  While he was down and out, he met Dani Carr (Ella) who had been his tutor in college.  They reconnect on a more passionate level.  Then, he dumps her.  Fast forward four years, and he is once again on top of the world having beaten his addiction.  Dani is also an up and coming sports reporter.  She recognizes him instantly.  He doesn’t remember her; at least not initially.  The last thing she wants is to have her heart broken again so she’s determined to stay clear.


This started off revealing the addiction stage of Tyson and the reconnect with Ella and their one-night stand.  I felt the pacing was off at times giving much detail to small things but then a big jump to the ‘fast forward four years’ mark.  This is Stephanie Evanovich’s third book and is a sweet and captivating sports romance relating to second chances.  Everyone deserves a second chance, right?  Both Tyson and Dani were likable characters as they evolved into young adults.  Even the secondary characters were well-defined.  I loved that Dani had a secret of her own; the author revealed it at just the right moment.  The writing point of view was omniscient third person, which is not my favorite style as it can tend to be more confusing.  Rating: 3.5 out of 5.