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from FictionZeal.com re: The Collector by Nora Roberts

The Collector - Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts pens a novel which is eerily similar to the Hitchcock story, Rear Window.  Yet the two stories have quite a few differences too.  Lisa Emerson has an odd job.  She house-sits.  People who are going to be away from their homes for a few weeks contact her to stay at their home and watch out for pets, kids, plants and anything else that needs daily tending.  That and she’s a writer.  As a writer, she has quite a vivid imagination.  She uses that imagination and her handy binoculars to make up stories about people who live beyond the windows of other homes in other buildings.  Yes, literally speaking, she’s a Peeping Tom, or maybe we should call her a Peeping Tomette.  She’s been watching a young couple for a few days.  They argue daily.  But at night, they always appear to make-up.  One very late evening, she’s watching.  The woman is crying.  The man is out of view.  All at once, she sees a punch and the woman’s head snaps back.  She’s ready to call the cops.  She checks again.  She still can’t see him, but he pushes her so hard against the big window, it breaks and she flies out falling several floors to her death.


It’s a rather complicated premise of the aftermath of that terrible tragedy.  She meets Ash, the brother of the man who lived in the apartment.  He’s absolutely positive his brother would never hit a woman and certainly would never kill anyone.  As they nose into the matters which should be handled by the police, they dig themselves into more and more danger, including a sociopathic female who would kill just for the fun of it.  There’s a very fitting and fun romance that develops between Lila and Ash.  Nora Roberts is a great writer and this one does not disappoint.  However, I listened to this on audio and have to give proper credit to the narrator, Julia Whelan.  She really brought this to life for me skillfully giving distinctive voices to each character.  Rating: 4 out of 5.