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from FictionZeal.com re: All Good Deeds by Stacy Green

All Good Deeds (A Lucy Kendall Thriller) (Lucy Kendall #1) (The Lucy Kendall Series) - Stacy Green

As soon as you start reading, you realize this is not your average female sleuth.  She doesn’t pretend to be.  She used to work for Child Protective Services.  Too many children abducted and abused; too many pedophiles let off by an unjust legal system.  So now she’s a PI who takes matters into her own hands.  Justice will be served.  The pervert will pay … by drawing his last breath.


Lucy Kendall is extremely careful about her operation, and still uncomfortable with it.  She couldn’t help her own sister, but she can help many others.  At the beginning, she’s eyeing “Slimy Steve”.  Her poison of choice?  Cyanide.  Another man approaches her.  He tells her he knows what she’s doing.  He introduces himself as Chris Hale and identifies himself as a sociopath.  He wants to help her ‘take the trash out.’  She denies the ‘serial killer’ label.  She tells him, “I’m not a hit man.  I eradicate sex offenders.  I make sure they’ve been given a lethal dose … and then I walk away. …I’m not a freaking killer.”


The premise was unexpected.  Sheer curiosity carries the reader forward wanting to know more.  I didn’t expect to like Lucy nor Chris as much as I did.  Who wants to admit liking a vigilante and a sociopath?  I suspected early on that there was much more to Chris than what was being offered, and I liked the way the author slowly peeled back the layers of these characters.  Shortly after their meeting, Lucy involves herself with the search of a missing eleven-year-old girl, Kailey.  If you want a fascinating mystery with a serious character twist, All Good Deeds is recommended.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.