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from FictionZeal.com re: Death by Sunken Treasure by Kait Carson

Death by Sunken Treasure (A Hayden Kent Mystery) (Volume 2) - Kait Carson

Mike is dead having been washed up near a dock on the coast of Florida, still in his scuba gear.  Initially, it appears to be an accident.  Hayden Kent, a paralegal and the friend of Dana Terry, Mike’s mother, dives the scene at Dana’s urging where mike had purportedly found a treasure.  She wanted Hayden to discover what Mike had found … and what may have gotten him killed.  She does locate an old shipwreck and brings up a couple of Spanish doubloons.  When she goes to file Mike’s will, she finds there was another will already filed, both dated a day before his death.  The wills are identical except the beneficiaries had been significantly changed.  As Hayden keeps pursuing the truth, she begins to receive threatening emails.


The second in the Hayden Kent Mystery series, this charming cozy mystery offers up several suspects for our ‘whodunit’ compass.  The list included an ex-wife and an ex-boss and both ex’s were seeing each other.  There was a bit more scuba diving information given than the average reader would want to engage in.  Otherwise, the characters were lively and believable, and the beautiful Florida Keys scenery was a welcome addition.  I’m guessing you’ll find the ending as unpredictable as I did.  Even though it’s a series, it can be comfortably read as a stand-alone.  Rating: 4 out of 5.