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from FictionZeal.com re: Dark Money by Larry D. Thompson

Dark Money - Larry D. Thompson

Halloween parties are fun … right?  Well, you may want to be thankful you weren’t invited to this one.  Walt Frazier, part of Texas Governor Lardner’s protective detail, brought in additional security for this Halloween party / Republican fund raiser event.  The event is expected to pull in pledges in excess of a hundred million.  Jackson (Jack) Bryant is Walt’s former army buddy.  Walt calls him because he’s got an excellent eye for detail.  With the attendants being the very elite; politicians, and Senator Sinclair, security precautions are necessary.


Even with the heightened security, Miriam Van Zandt manages, with the help from an insider, to get into the party.  She’s dressed as a cat burglar.  When the timing is right, she makes her move, killing one of the guards and Edward Hale and injuring the Governor.  Another guard manages to wound her.  She makes it back to her car and to a motel where she can clean her wound and alter her appearance.  She’s a marksman and daughter of the founder of The Alamo Defenders, a militia group and very anti-government.


What a great beginning.  The reader is given so much information, but yet what we don’t know is just as intriguing.  In Texas, people are allowed to carry weapons.  Add to that balloons popping, Annie Oakley firing her rifle (blanks), pirates with swords, and vampires with knives and you have a security detail nightmare.  The plot is plausible and the action impressive and fast-paced.  It becomes a ‘follow the money’ investigation with the story being told from various points of view.  Rating: 4 out of 5.