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from FictionZeal.com re: The Bitter End by Linda Hall

The Bitter End (The Em Ridge Mystery Series) (Volume 2) - Linda Hall

Wanderer was the name of Captain Em Ridge’s sailboat, and wandering was often the way she felt as a widow since the death of Jesse, her husband, two and a half years before.  She takes on many different jobs sailing from Maine, where she lives, to wherever the job takes her.  In this 2nd book of the series, we begin in The Bermuda Triangle.  Dr. Papa Hoho had hired Em to sail these ominous waters as he searched to prove that some of the Bermuda Triangle mysteries are true.  He’s recording the events by video, preparing for a reality TV show.


The effort finally proved to be fruitful after twelve days, as they discover what appears to be a ‘ghost boat’ in the distance.  As they get closer, Em’s anxiety grows.  She knows this boat, now with ripped mainsail, and the lone black cat on board.  The boat is the Wandering Soul and belongs to her Uncle Ferd.  Where is he?  She manages to find a note that she assumes he may have left for her.  But, even still, there’s something strange about the note, too.  She brings in help from the Coast Guard and her friend, Ben, from the police.  When she begins digging into what happened, she not only discovers great danger but also a few well-hidden family secrets.


I loved the personal connection this adventure held for Em.  After reading the first in the series, Night Watch, I already felt like I knew her character and I knew she’d do everything in her power to solve this new mystery before her.  New readers to the series can read this without spoiling anything from the first book.  Enough of the Em’s background is provided so that this story can stand on its own.  Reading between the lines, I would assume that Ben will be more in Em’s romantic spotlight in future issues of this series.  With a few twists added in, this novel hits the spot for mystery lovers who also enjoy a nautical environment.  Rating: 4 out of 5.