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from FictionZeal.com re: The Fixer (Justice series) by T.E. Woods

The Fixer - T.E. Woods

We all listen to the news and often, in our opinions, justice is terribly lacking.  What if you knew someone that could ‘fix’ it?  What if you had the kind of money necessary to pay someone to take care of it … to enact justice?  This is the job of ‘The Fixer’.  She’s not someone you can hire to knock off a spouse ‘just because’.  The Fixer set rules for herself.  Some of the rules were set so that she wouldn’t call attention to herself, like “No more than one job per country per year.”  Some were set to make a judgement call about a case: “Only when it was clear that justice couldn’t or wouldn’t be served …”  Quite simply, she’s a vigilante who will do the dirty work for pay.


The major players were Lydia Corriger, a psychologist; Savannah Samuels, Lydia’s patient who keeps referring to bad things she’s done; Mort Grant, a Seattle detective; and Robbie, Mort’s son and a Denver journalist.  Robbie was working on a hunch that Gordon Halloway was murdered.  Gordon had gotten rich on money schemes that ruined the lives of many.  Originally, Gordon’s death appeared to be a heart attack while enjoying the company of a prostitute.  Robbie’s hunch started the ball rolling for Detective Grant as other cases began to come to light.


Early on, the reader gets to see The Fixer make a decision about a job and turn it down.  We’re given her standards and we are privy to the fact that The Fixer is a woman.  The characters were phenomenal.  The author held back on who The Fixer was until late in the book and there were some great twists on that matter.  Because of the initial secrecy and unveiling of The Fixer, this first book in The Justice series should be read first.  I already knew since I’d previously read book 2, but it was still enjoyable.  While I recommend this book for its engaging story line, I do need to state that it is quite graphic in nature.  Rating: 4 out of 5.