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from FictionZeal.com re: Stranger in the Room by Amanda Kyle Williams

Stranger in the Room - Amanda Kyle Williams

Keye Street has a rather annoying cousin.  Don’t we all?  Miki Ashton, a Photojournalist, who has a touch of drama queen in her, sees a stalker … in her home.  She had her key in the lock to open her door when she saw him through her window.  Keye only half believes her until she gets there and verifies for herself that Miki’s home was broken into.  Keye used to be a police officer, but due to her alcohol abuse, was let go.  Now she’s an Atlanta PI, as well as a few other odd jobs.  She takes all the work she can get since she has quite a large mortgage payment to keep up with.


About this same time, APD Lieutenant Aaron Rauser is investigating the death of a thirteen year old boy who’d been strangled.  Within a few days, there are a couple of more seemingly unrelated deaths.  But one thing Street does well is profile people.  It doesn’t take long before it becomes clear to her that the deaths as well as the threat to her cousin are related.  Now they know they have a serial killer on their hands.


Keye Street practically pops off the page.  This is the second in the Keye Street series, continuing on with Ms. Williams intensely interesting character.  With alcoholism in her background, she’s obviously a flawed character, but someone that readers can root for.  Just to summarize Keye a bit, she’s Chinese American, orphaned when she was young, and adopted by a very southern Georgia couple.  Her adoptive parents also adopted a black male child, so their nuclear family was quite distinctive.  She’s been living on her own for quite some time, taking in a little white stray cat she calls White Trash.  She and Aaron Rauser are now a couple, having gotten together in the first novel, The Stranger You Seek.  There is a side story in this novel which was a fun addition to the story, but it never really connected to the serial killer aspect of the story.  The third in the series, Don’t Talk to Strangers, has been out since July 2014.  I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it within the next month.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.