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from FictionZeal.com re: Saving Abby by Steena Holmes

Saving Abby - Steena Holmes

We begin in the recent past of Josh and Claire Turner.  They’re on an extensive trip, one with a two-fold purpose.  First, they are coming to grips with not having children.  They’d been trying for six years so finally, they want to move forward and just accept it.  Secondly, their many excursions are research for their fictional character, Jack.  They write children’s books about Jack’s adventures.  Josh writes the stories and Claire does the illustrations. They come home with a lot of new ideas for Jack.


In their present time, they’ve returned from the trip and Claire seems to be experiencing extended jet lag.  She is so very tired all of the time and she’s beginning to experience headaches.  The headaches intensify and become debilitating.  Her good friend, Abby, is a doctor and urges her to come in to get checked out.  Once she actually goes, the diagnosis is terrifying all by itself, but now she has more than just her own life to consider … as it turns out she’s pregnant.  Treatment would be dangerous to the life of her baby.  Waiting till her pregnancy is full term could be too late for her.


The story goes back and forth between the present contrasted against their experiences on their trip.  I believe the trip gave us a great impression of how solid their marriage was.  Through flashbacks, we also find out that Claire had become pregnant as a teen.  She had the baby but adopted him out because of the ultimatum delivered to her from her father.  The story definitely pulls the reader’s heartstrings.  It could have made me cry … except it didn’t.  When the ending came, it was a bit abrupt.  The epilogue into the future did little to bring me closure with the ending.  Also, Claire seemed to overly delay an exam to find out what was actually going on.  Rating: 3 out of 5.