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from FictionZeal.com re: The Victim by Eric Matheny

The Victim - Eric Matheny

When life is looking good, really good … watch out.  Your past may be getting ready to bite you in the butt.  Anton Mackey made a serious error in judgement a decade ago while he was still in Florida International University (FIU).  RV’s had been rented for a fraternity camping trip.  He was drunk, took the RV out on his own.  In the very early Sunday morning hours, he collides with a car.  It’s bad.  By the looks of it, the driver and passenger seem to be already dead.  In the distance, he sees a semi approaching.  Not much time left.  What does he do?  He notices fuel has been spilling out of one or both vehicles.  He places his lighter down to the gasoline.


In present day, Anton is an attorney.  He has a wife and a beautiful baby daughter.  A new client, Danielle Avery, contacts him.  She had called 911 on her husband, Bryan Avery.  They’d separated, but she said he broke into her apartment.  He got rough with her; left a gash on her neck.  She hires Anton to represent him.  The police had taken him in custody and she’s concerned that since Florida is a ‘no drop’ state, the prosecutors could pursue domestic violence charges whether the victim pursues it or not.  But, little by little, we are given some insight into her real motive.  She holds some secrets about Anton’s past.  She can ruin him.


You really may not like Anton, but you may squirm for him a bit as retribution comes to call.  This is a debut Legal Thriller from author Eric Matheny, who writes with passion and presents the reader with twists like he’s been perfecting them all his life.  The courtroom scenes and the dialogue between the lawyers and judge were authentic.  This pulls the reader in quickly.  As you may have speculated, there are no good guys here, but there are several victims.  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.